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Groovy Weekly #76

Is it really already September? Time flies so fast in the Groovy ecosystem, and although the northern hemisphere was taking some Summer vacation breaks (at least that’s what I did!) there was quite a bit of interesting content published!

Regarding events, after successful and busy Greach, GR8Conf US/EU conferences, we’re getting ready for September’s SpringOne2GX in Washington! There’s still time to register and join the Groovy ecosystem affictionados! And I’m really eager to seeing you there.

The Call for Papers for Grails India and Groovy Grails eXchange London are also open, for those who wish to submit presentations.

If you’re using Gradle for build automation, check out all the videos of the presentations of the recent Gradle Summit which should all be available online.

Happy 3rd birthday to GrooScript!

Congrats to the Griffon team for the 2.4 release and Ratpack for its RC before 1.0!

And check out the updated books from MrHaki on Groovy, Grails and Gradle, and Duncan Dickinson’s updated Groovy 2 tutorial on LeanPub.




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