❯ Guillaume Laforge

JavaOne 2016 sessions

Next week will be this time of the year where tons of Java developers are gathering & meeting in San Francisco for JavaOne. It’ll be my 10th edition or so, time flies!
This year, I’ll participate to a couple sessions:

  • Java and the Commoditization of Machine Intelligence [CON2291]
    It’s a panel discussion with representative from IBM, Microsoft and Google to talk about Machine Learning APIs. I’ll be covering the ML APIs from Google Cloud Platform: Vision, Speech, Natural Language.
  • A Groovy Journey in Open Source [CON5932]
    In this session, I’ll cover the history of the Apache Groovy project, and talk about the latest developments and new features.

Google colleagues will also be present to speak about:

  • gRPC 101 for Java Developers [CON5750] by Ray Tsang
  • Managing and Deploying Java-Based Applications and Services at Scale [CON5730] by Ray Tsang
  • Hacking Hiring [BOF1459] by Elliotte Harold
  • The Ultimate Build Tools Face-off [CON2270] with Dmitry Churbanau and Baruch Sadogursky
  • RIA Technologies and Frameworks Panel [CON4675] with Kevin Nilson

There are quite a few interesting Groovy ecosystem related talks on the agenda:

  • Improving Your Groovy Kung-Fu [CON1293] by Dierk König
  • Groovy and Java 8: Making Java Better [CON3277] by Ken Kousen
  • Spock: Test Well and Prosper [CON3273] by Ken Kousen
  • Writing Groovy AST Transformations: Getting Practical in an Hour [CON1238] by Baruch Sadogursky
  • Juggling Multiple Java Platforms and Jigsaw with Gradle [CON4832] by Cédric Champeau
  • Maven Versus Gradle: Ready…Steady…Go! [CON2951] by Mert Caliskan & Murat Yener
  • Meet the Gradle Team [BOF6209] with Sterling Greene & Cédric Champeau
  • Faster Java EE Builds with Gradle [CON4921] by Ryan Cuprak
  • Lightweight Developer Provisioning with Gradle [BOF5154] by Mario-Leander Reimer
  • Making the Most of Your Gradle Build [CON6468] by Andrés Almiray
  • Gradle Support in NetBeans: A State of the Union [CON6253] with Sven Reimers & Martin Klähn
  • A Practical RxJava Example with Ratpack [CON4044] by Laurent Doguin

Lots of interesting content! I’m really looking forward to meeting you there, in the hallways, to chat about Google Cloud Platform and Apache Groovy!