❯ Guillaume Laforge

Latest features of Google Cloud Platform

When you’re following a project, a company, a platform, you’re looking for the latest news, about the latest feature announcement, to take advantage of what’s coming up.

Last time, I blogged about the gcloud command line tool, which nicely shows you the latest updates since the last time you updated its components.

If you go to the Google Cloud Platform website, you’ll see dedicated release notes pages for pretty much all products. For example, here are the release notes for:

I’ve just discovered a new way to stay updated about what’s new. If you go to the Cloud Console, click on the little vertical dots, and then preferences:

Then, in the main panel, you’ll see a new “communication” section, and if you click on the “updates & offers”, you’ll get a chance to select the option “feature announcements”:

You’ll receive monthly emails about the feature announcements.