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My favorite Cloud Next sessions

The schedule for Google Cloud Next was unveiled this week, and there’s lots of interesting sessions to attend. With the many parallel tracks, it’s difficult to make a choice, but I wanted to highlight some of the talks I’d like to watch!

The Google Cloud Platform is a pretty rich one, with many options for your compute needs. How do you choose which one is best for your use case? Brian Dorsey covers this in detail in this session:

“Where should I run my code?” Deciding between Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine and more

To explore a bit further some of the compute options, I’d recommend looking at Container Engine with ABCs of Google Container Engine: tips and best practices by Piotr Szczesniak, and Go beyond PaaS with App Engine Flexible Environment by Justin Beckwith.

The Serverless trend is strong these days, and in this area, I spotted two slots here with Firebase, Cloud Functions: Live coding a serverless app with Firebase and Google Cloud Platform by Mike McDonald, Jen Tong, Frank van Puffelen, and Serverless computing options with Google Cloud Platform by Bret McGowen.

I’ve blogged before about Cloud Endpoints, as I’m interested in the world of Web APIs, and there are two talks I’d like to attend in this area: Google Cloud Endpoints: serving your API to the world by Francesc Campoy Flores and Authorizing service-to-service calls with Google Cloud Endpoints by Dan Ciruli, Sep Ebrahimzadeh.

And in my misc. category, I’d like to highlight this one on the APIs for G Suite: Developing new apps built for your organization with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Sites APIs by Ritcha Ranjan. A talk on big parallel data processing with Using Apache Beam for parallel data processing by Frances Perry.

And to finish, I have to mention my own talk, that I’ll be presenting with Brad Abrams: Talking to your users: Build conversational actions for Google Assistant. It should be fun!

What talks are you going to attend?