❯ Guillaume Laforge

Flying East to Singapore

In two weeks, I’ll be flying east, much further east than I’ve ever been! I’ll visit Singapore! And I’ll have a pretty busy week with several events: conference, meetup, user groups, brown bag lunch… and I’ll talk about Groovy, Machine Learning, and chatbots!

First of all, on Wednesday 31st, I’ll participate to the Singapore Java User Group, where I’ll give an update on Apache Groovy (the latest improvements, new features, the roadmap).

Thursday 1st, I’ll visit Crédit Agricole CIB, for a brown-bag lunch about Machine Learning. They did a fun survey to decide which topics I should cover! And funnily, this is in this office that is maintained and developed a banking project on which I worked more than ten years before!

Then, it’s Voxxed Days Singapore time! I’ll talk again about the Machine Learning APIs offered by Google Cloud, as well as a few words about TensorFlow and Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

Then, on Saturday 3rd, two events, one organized by the GDG Singapore, which will be a workshop on building chatbots, using API.AI and Cloud Functions, and covering the Google Home and Assistant too.

And the last event will be held in Google’s offices, on the theme of data science, where I’ll will also give a presentation on chatbots, the Google Assistant with Google Home, with API.AI for the conversational interface, and Cloud Functions for the business logic.

It’s gonna be a pretty busy week, and I’m looking forward to meeting tons of developers in Singapore, as well as reconnect with some of my friends & former colleagues living in the area!