❯ Guillaume Laforge

The 2018 countdown: a tip a day about Google Cloud Platform

A few weeks ago, I’ve started a new blog dedicated to Google Cloud Platform, to share tips’n tricks I come across while exploring the platform, getting to know new products, or gathered through experience with a particular service I’ve been using:


With the holidays season, I went with a “2018 countdown” approach (like an “advent calendar” without the religious connotation), where I publish a tip every day of the month of December.

As of today, December 18th, we already have 18 tips available!

Those tips span about a dozen technologies! (as you can also explore the tips via “tags”, which represent a technology / service / API / product each)

Initially, I thought it would be a challenge to author tips every day (without even thinking of the fact you have to publish tips during weekends, holidays or vacations), but there are actually plenty of tricks to share. Furthermore, I opened the blog to contributions: anyone who wants to contribute a tip or two is welcome, and should just share with me a quick gist describing the tip. I’ve already received a bunch of contributions, from 8 distinct authors. Thanks a lot to Alexandre, Bastien, Fabien, Graham, Jim, Mark, Victor, or Wassim!

Although it all started as a tip a day for the 2018 countdown, it won’t stop there. Perhaps the frequency will be a bit lower (once a week? more?), but I definitely intend on continuing sharing tips on a regular basis next year and beyond!

If you want to help, please spread the word! Tell your friends and colleagues about the site: https://googlecloud.tips/.

Also please follow the @gcptips Twitter account where new tips’n tricks are announced.

And if you’ve got some time, don’t hesitate to share your own tips! All help is welcome :-)