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Devoxx presentation on Google App Engine, Groovy and Gaelyk

I’m back from Devoxx, where I had a very pleasant stay, nice discussions with many attendees and speakers, and it’s always a great opportunity to meet friends you haven’t seen in a while! And this time, I was there with my friend Patrick Chanezon from Google, to speak about Google App Engine, Groovy and Gaelyk. I’ve uploaded our slides on Slideshare, and you can view them embedded here on this blog:

Google App Engine Java, Groovy and Gaelyk

A bit before the presentation, I also fixed a little but annoying bug with the XMPP support in Gaelyk, bumping the version number to 0.3.1, so if you’re using 0.3 already, and need incoming XMPP messaging support, please upgrade to 0.3.1.

The presentation at Devoxx seems to have been pretty well received and attended (I think we reached about 800 geeks in the audience, my new personal record) and people seemed to have appreciated the talk and content, as well as my final Gaelyk demo, interacting with the app through XMPP. This was quite a lot of fun, and just a few hours of work at night to get the demo ready.

Update: I’ve pushed a zip file of the demo I’ve run online, in case you wanna have a look at that code sample.