❯ Guillaume Laforge

What's new in Groovy 1.8 and beyond?

Last week, at the SpringOne2GX conference, in Chicago, I gave an update on the new features of the recently released Groovy 1.8, as well as new features we’re working on for upcoming versions of the language and its APIs.

I’ve uploaded my slides on Slideshare:

I’m covering:

  • Nicer DSLs with command chains
  • Runtime performance improvements
  • GPars bundled for taming multicore
  • Closure enhancements (functional flavor and closure annotation parameters)
  • The builtin JSON support
  • The new AST transformations
  • The alignment with JDK 7 (Project Coin)
  • InvokeDynamic support coming up
  • Static type checking
  • And other minor improvements