❯ Guillaume Laforge

Getting started with Groovy technologies on Google Cloud Platform

Back to GR8Conf Europe in Denmark, for the yearly Groovy community reunion! I had the chance to present two talks.

The first one on Google’s Machine Learning APIs, with samples in Groovy using vision recognition, speech recognition & generation, natural language analysis. I’ll come back on ML in Groovy in forthcoming articles.

And the second talk was an overview of Google Cloud Platform, focusing on the compute and storage options, with demos using Groovy frameworks (RatpackGaelyk, and the newly released Micronaut) and how to deploy apps on Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, App Engine. I’ll also come back in further articles on those demos, but in the meantime, I wanted to share my slide deck with you all! Without further ado, here’s what I presented:

Time to release your marvelous project or website, powered with GR8 tech, into the wild? Let’s see together what Google Cloud Platform has to provide for the Apache Groovy ecosystem developer. If you have a Grails or Ratpack app, what are the best compute options for deploying it? What other services are useful to your app: databases with Cloud SQL, messaging with Cloud Pub/Sub, monitoring, and more, are at your disposal. We’ll explore together what options you have to deploy and scale your next great idea in the Google cloud.