❯ Guillaume Laforge

Machine learning APIs and AI panel discussion at QCon

Last March, I had the chance to attend and speak at QCon London. I spoke at the event for its first edition, many moons prior, so it was fun coming back and seeing how the conference evolved. 

This year, Eric Horesnyi of Streamdata  was leading the Artificial Intelligence track, and invited me to speak about Machine Learning.

First, I gave an overview of the Machine Learning offering, from the off-the-shelf ready-made APIs like  VisionSpeechNatural LanguageVideo Intelligence. I also mentioned AutoML, to further train existing models like the Vision model in order to recognize your own specific details in pictures. For chatbots, I also covered Dialogflow. And I said a few words about Tensorflow and Cloud Machine Learning Engine  for training & running your Tensorflow models in the cloud. You can watch the video by clicking on the picture below:

Eric hosted a panel discussion with all the speakers in the AI track, where we discussed many interesting topics, to demystify AI and answer questions from the audience. Click on the picture below to watch the panel discussion: