❯ Guillaume Laforge

The Big Green Button Automating Continuous Delivery With Chatbots

Last month in sunny Napa valley, my awesome colleague Seth Vargo and I had the chance to speak at SwampUp, the devops focused conference organized by JFrog. Our talk & demo were focused on the topic of “ChatOps”. But what is ChatOps? Here’s what our abstract said:

Heard of ChatOps? It’s a movement in the DevOps community to take advantage of Chatbots. 

Chatbots centralize the conversation and history of your daily operations including build status, issue management, deployment, and monitoring, so that you access all the information and actions needed at the whim of a chat message in your team communication solution.

After a quick introduction about the principles and pros&cons of ChatOps, Guillaume Laforge & Seth Vargo will walk you through Dialogflow to design your conversational interface to your CI/CD infrastructure. With the help of demos on the Google Cloud Platform, we’ll see together how chatbots can make you more productive in your DevOps activities.

The video has been published last week: