❯ Guillaume Laforge

An Intro to Google Cloud Platform

In a matter of a few years, Google Cloud Platform has evolved from a very small set of products or APIs to a wealth of close to a hundred of products, services and APIs that developers can take advantage of.

This week, at the event Le Meilleur Dev de France, I gave an introduction to the whole platform, focusing on three key axis: compute, storage and machine learning. After an introduction on famous users of GCP, like Snapchat, Spotify or PokemonGo, I also gave a few examples of big French companies as well as French startups who have decided to go to the cloud with Google.

Later on, over the course of three sections, as I was covering the multiple solutions in each areas (compute / storage / ML), I also tried to give concrete hints as to when to use what, depending on your application needs. Indeed, as many solutions are at your disposal, comes the paradox of choice, as with more options, choice becomes more complicated.

Here are the slides I presented: