❯ Guillaume Laforge

New Serverless Solutions on Google Cloud for Functions Apps and Containers

At Voxxed Days Microservices, in Paris, I talked about the latest development in serverless solutions on Google Cloud Platform, to deploy functionsapps  and even containers.

I answered an interview  on the theme of microservices, and how this maps to the Google cloud products.

And the video of my presentation was published on YouTube:

Here’s the abstract of the session:

Plenty of novelties in the Serverless offering of Google Cloud Platform, whether you’re developing functions, apps or containers.

Let’s get started with the new modern runtimes for the venerable Google App Engine, sandboxed thanks to the open source gVisor container sandboxing technology. Cloud Functions is now GA with Node.js, but also offers new languages like Python to let you implement your functions. If you need more flexibility, you will also be able to run serverless containers: just dockerize your project and off you go!

But the crux of the show has to be the new open source project, Knative, a collaboration of Google with key vendors like Pivotal, IBM, Red Hat or SAP, which offers a set of portable building blocks on top of Kubernetes to build serverless platforms. Additionally, you will be able to try out Knative on Google Kubernetes Engine thanks to a dedicated add-on.

In this session, we’ll review all the new serverless-related features of Google Cloud Platform with concrete demos, so you can get started easily and rapidly.