❯ Guillaume Laforge

Machine learning APIs with Apache Groovy

At GR8Conf Europe last year, I talked  about how to take advantage of the Google Cloud machine learning APIs  using Apache Groovy.

With Groovy, you can call the Vision API that recognises what’s in your pictures, or reads text.

You can invoke the Natural Language API to understand the structure of your text.

With the Speech-To-Text API, you can get transcriptions of what’s been said in an audio stream, or with Text-To-Spech, you can also generate human-like voices from your own text.

With those ready-made APIs, no need to be an expert data scientist! Just call an SDK or a REST API, and you’re ready to go.

Here’s the video of the presentation:

And here are the slides that I showed:

In a previous article, I also presented one of the sample that I used with the Vision API.

The Call for Paper for the new edition of GR8Conf Europe is still open, so don’t miss the opportunity to tell the world about all the cool things you’ve been doing with Apache Groovy!